The Little Black Dress


It meant so much to me when family, friends and colleagues came out last week for the launch of A Cure for Heartache. I got to wear the ‘little black dress’ I wrote about in the book - when I learned that having fewer things can set us free. Here’s an excerpt: “What happened next came as a surprise. I started to wear that little black dress everywhere. I wore it to join friends for a drink, then to meet Ryan for lunch, then on a solo excursion to the Victoria & Albert Museum. Another day I put it on with flat black boots and went to work in the British Library. I could make the dress look fancy enough for a black-tie event, or simple enough for a day in the stacks. In my previous life, this ‘special occasion’ dress would have hung unworn in the closet for months, maybe years, after its initial debut. But now, with limited choices, I pressed this dress into service time and again. And every time I wore it, no matter when or where, it reminded me I was living a full life in this fantastic city and doing it all with so little.”

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MJ Grant