Tips from a Creative Pro


When writer Pamela Druckerman was asked to give a commencement speech at the Paris College of Art, she wanted her advice to be equal parts inspiration and pragmatism. As a result, she shared great insights about creativity and the creative process. Among them:

Stay in the room: She doesn’t mean it literally, but she says you need to stay still long enough to listen to your creative voice. In her words, “You need to be blank, and even a bit bored, for your brain to feed you ideas.”

Everything that happens is potential inspiration: When you notice a recurring theme, or something keeps popping up or when you see something that moves you – Druckerman encourages you to use it. In fact, she points to the synchronicity that seems to feed the creative process. She says, “In fact, when you’re deep into a project, information about it will pour into your life.”

Her conclusion? Being engaged in creative work is one of the most exhilarating pursuits. It is its own reward.

Read the full article for more great advice.

Brianna Petz