Small Pleasures and Happy Moments

Strawberry morning

There’s been a ton of research into happiness. In fact, it makes one wonder if trying too hard to “get happy” is a misdirected path? Instead, why not just enjoy the small pleasures of everyday living?

Take in a show down at the revue cinema, exchange friendly words with a fellow dog-walker, lie on your bed and read your old diary, or simply appreciate the beautiful design of a favourite cup while you sip your afternoon tea.

The research is in. The simplest things can create the happiest moments. And beyond the moment at hand... well, what else is there?

What’s true in life is also true in travel... the smallest pleasures can create magical moments and cherished memories.

So at home or on the road, stop and savor the next small pleasure that comes your way. The rewards may delight you.

Brianna Petz