Whether your heart is broken or feeling just a bit empty …

…this quietly confident book takes you by the hand and helps you discover a more joyful and connected life — one simple pleasure at a time.


“Sharing this journey through the streets of London and into the French countryside, we find ourselves in the hands of an openhearted traveler whose gifts of grace and clarity show us how to experience our own vivid life, moment by moment.”
Lorri Neilsen Glenn, Threading Light

“This is a beautifully told story of starting again, no matter where you are, with joyful, life-changing consequences. A perfectly formed book with a huge and wise heart.”
Hannah Black, Coronet Books

“A quietly contemplative book, this is at one level an expression of life through sensory perception. But it is far from a superficial exercise in mindfulness. It is a tale of loss and hope, of strength drawn from truly inhabiting the moment.”
—Raynor Winn, The Salt Path


A Cure for Heartache

I learned that the cure for heartache is to embrace it, along with everything else in life. The techniques I discovered are simple and when you do them, life becomes richer. You simply live your life, all of it, but more awake and engaged than ever.



Mary Jane Grant


A Cure for Heartache



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A message from Mary Jane Grant

If I’ve learned one lesson, it’s this: nothing is forever. One day you realize – the past is gone, and the future never comes. And then something dawns, and it’s good: we all have one beautiful thing in life. We have right here, right now, this incredible moment. Please join me in discovering a richer and more vivid experience of life, one simple pleasure at a time.